Naeil School

Naeil School: A School for Tomorrow

“We are creating together.”




Naeil School, is an independent secondary school located in Bonghwa, Kyongbuk Province, South Korea. It opened in 2007 with five students and is a very special school where students who want a creative education are free to learn and grow. At Naeil School, we are carrying out educational activities aimed at nurturing our students to create new futures of the world, instead of just looking to educational training of yesterday and today. “Naeil” means “tomorrow” or future and embodies our values to be a school for the future. 




“Without hesitation, the school welcomes students to talk about their opinions, in order to help provide whatever the students need to learn. At Naeil School, you can be all you want to try to be, and you can look forward to a rewarding day when you wake up in the morning!”


Naeil School is nestled in the heart of nature, far away from any big city. It is a place with the best learning environment for young people who dream of a school like this.



A School is an Educational Community. . .


Currently, teachers teach in front of the chalkboard, and the students sit in desks, few of them understanding. Their learning is solely for a test that the students must memorize information for and stress about taking. At Naeil School, such a traditional educational model of the past disappears and what enters is a new educational model of having the students learn naturally about thinking, with passion in order to grow. This is our new enthusiastic wish that we make for our students and teachers at the school.


Why should only the students learn and grow? Naeil School is not only for the students, but is also for all people who wish to go further in the philosophies of education. From the growing helpers (teachers) to the parents, all will appreciate and learn together.


The students report that they witness learning as being natural and effortless in this culture of learning and growing together. We also believe that schools should be an educational community that allows all people to grow together. The educational methods create a genuine, educational community which pleases the members of the community. True education is only achieved through the involvement of members of the community. 


Naeil School…


There are no harsh words, there are no harsh feelings, and there is never violence or bullying in our school. At Naeil School, no matter how difficult a situation, laughter rings, conflicts work out between students, friendships are bonded from student to student, and there is no division between the adults and the students. Here, there is a new future and order where sincerity is always sought.





The culture of Naeil School is unique in the world.


Growing up gracefully:


Naeil school does not use the word 'teacher'. The traditional roles of 'teacher' and 'student' that are familiar to us do not help to create a real, sincere learning space. Instead, we are called “helpers”. School is a place of learning and growth, and adults have a role to play in helping students grow up in places where they are not visible. So at Naeil School, there is no 'principal' in the school, but instead, there is only a 'teacher in charge' or ‘growing guidance teacher’. 


The name is not the only difference. Actually, the role that you actually play is very different from "teachers" in general public schools. The ‘helpers’ or teachers at Naeil School take care of the chickens with the students, prepare meals, clean with them, cut students' hair, build homes, make documentaries, drive excavators, and even fly. But is that all?


Together, the students discuss the schedule for the day during “Good Morning Time”, while also discussing a variety of topics, taking pictures, writing poetry, painting, and other activities. As such, students will naturally learn and grow as members of the Naeil School community through various activities, intellectual debate and artistic exchanges with the helpers.




There is no other school like Naeil. At Naeil School, there is Place C instead of an office. It is a space where new creation is done through various communication and collaboration. "Good Morning Time" is held every morning at Place C, a café-style office room open to both students and visitors. It is a time of open communication where everyone is gathered to share the schedule of the day, to exchange opinions with each other, and to help each other. 

 Good evening time. Our culture is unique to Naeil School. Culture Day at Naeil School takes place every other month. Parents, those who sponsor the school, and those interested in training, come to visit from Saturday evening to Sunday. This is the day where Naeil students present their work, have a topic to discuss, or make it to school.





Students Talk about Naeil School


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스크린샷 2017-04-05 오후 11.13.25.png


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NAEIL School’s Space


All these spaces belong to Naeil School and use the most environmentally-friendly methods and materials. They are created with the students’ assistance. Students cut trees and build using the soil directly helping to make this place the most beautiful place. 

스크린샷 2017-04-05 오후 11.28.58.png

                                                                           ▲ Main building (in the middle of renovation)



스크린샷 2017-04-05 오후 11.56.31.png

                                                                          ▲ Place C (Main activiy room) 



스크린샷 2017-04-05 오후 11.36.58.png

                                                                        ▲Smiling sky (Cafe-type restaurant)



스크린샷 2017-04-05 오후 11.42.29.png

                                                                             ▲ Naeil School's Domitories


스크린샷 2017-04-06 오전 12.09.22.png

             ▲Gallery "Blue Spirit"                                                               ▲Naeil school’s affiliated clinic (clinic Sintonghan)



스크린샷 2017-04-06 오전 12.09.56.png

                     ▲ Fitness Room                                                                                ▲ Golf Driving Range






* Thank you for:

The brochure translation task from Korean to English was done by the team effort by Dr. Soonhyang Kim and her graduate students who took TSL 6142 TESOL Syllabus Design and Curriculum Development Class in Spring 2017. The students with no Korean ability used several translation programs to translate it and then it was reviewed by Dr. Kim. 
Along with Dr. Kim, the students who participated in the translation task were Michelle Baughan; Kathryn Ciano; Amber Deig; Lisa Durham; Hanadi Kayrouz; Ingrid Marrero-Mateo; Catherine McGregor; Karole Mendoza; Moira Pileri Blanco; Rachael Schofield; and Kenteria Young.


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